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Our family of four researched for a year before deciding to downsize. After wading through overwhelming medical debt, struggling to battle school systems to meet our son’s special needs, and feeling house poor because of a lack of employment opportunities in the rural town where we owned a 15 acre farm–that at one time we would’ve argued was our dream.

During our researching, we had to answer questions about parking, insurance, financing, inspections, and way more logistics than HGTV ever tells you about.

Within the tiny house industry, there are three major players in inspections and certifications: RVIA, PWA, and NOAH. As with many entities, there are pros and cons to each company but when you are weighing those against the safety and security of your family, it can feel very daunting.

So, here is a snapshot view of why we would choose NOAH Certified every single time.


Seeking Long-Term Housing

The NOAH Standard includes the standards from the RV Industry NFPA 1192, ANSI 119.5 and NFPA 70 (NEC) and adding energy and structural standards from the home building industry. This means that they are not only serving vehicles considered RVs, but they are proactively seeking long-term housing solutions for tiny dwellers.

Digital Video Record

NOAH evolved their process so that the builder (whether manufacturer or DIYer) downloads an app on their smart device and the inspector directs every step of the inspection from the other end.

Because each tiny house is inspected at critical stages of the build and because NOAH digitizes and stores these inspections for use by the city and county building departments, their units have a better chance of being “grandfathered in” once the municipalities figure out this growing tiny house movement.

Certified Inspectors

NOAH uses only InterNACHI Professional Certified Inspectors and inspects each THOW (Tiny House on Wheels) individually. Inspections are performed as the home is being built. These inspections are digitized and stored.

Real People Helping Real People

During our research process, we reached out to several builders, companies, product sales locations and more but NOAH was the only one where a real person answered the phone, was friendly and knowledgeable, and directed me to the person who could handle what we needed quickly.

According to Mr Butler, NOAH’s President, “our free consultation is easy to set up, as are questions to be answered. Our goal is superior customer service and our phones are answered by real people and not automated systems.”

It was important to our family to not only hire people who are knowledgeable, but who are also focused on meeting our needs and getting to know what is best for us personally. We wanted to deal with real people, not sales people. Working with NOAH has been a breeze and we’d recommend them over and over again.



  1. I have so many questions regarding loans, and whether it would be more economical to have my thow registered and insured as a rv. I have a builder, I have a rentef space in a tiny home community in Florida, I am currently in NY. But don’t know anyone who I can really talk to about everything else.


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