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Simple Living Right Now is the ‘tidying up’ book for those of us who don’t have time to pull out everything we own and examine it. Why? Because this is real life and that idea gives most of us anxiety. In this hilariously entertaining and down-to-earth, practical guide, Brynn Burger does more than walk you through each room in your home; she also helps you to consider other toxic areas of life that may be causing you chaos. In each chapter, she gives you ‘The Rule of Five’ to ensure you can easily: Identify where your chaos lives. Choose to keep the things that bring happiness, Get rid of what causes life’s crazy, and Organize what is left. After living in what she thought was her dream farmhouse, but secretly feeling out of control, Brynn and her family decided to make a change. Having now lived tiny with her family of four for nearly two years, she talks with raw vulnerability about how simple living has given her life back. Brynn is able to capture the candor of extreme parenting and teach you how simple living can: Benefit mental health and anxiety, Decrease behavior disorder meltdowns in children, Increase intentional time as a family, and help you regain your sanity when life feels out of control. By the time you finish reading, you will know how you got all of this ‘stuff’, how to find it a new home (not yours), and how to get started living a simplified life where you have room to choose joy again.


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