Here’s How I Stopped Dreading Meal-Making for My Family…


On any given week, I am carting my kids from school to sports and myself from work to meetings and back again the next day. I pack lunches, have quick snacks ready, and even send treats for school functions. What I can’t get over is that my family seems to expect dinner every single night! I mean, the audacity, right?!

Balancing life, kids, work, school, and everything that comes along with them is a heavy load for anyone to carry. The last couple of years we have also been making decisions that feel like they carry so much gravity for our health and the wellbeing of our families. Making healthy meals is one way that can help us stay on top of those big choices in a small way…but even that can feel daunting.

Whether you are a busy mom or someone who loves great food, the WhatsForDinner app needs to be the next addition to your home screen.

I have been using it for about a month and it is an absolute lifesaver! Not only does this easy-to-use app keep all of my recipes in one place, but they suggest new ideas when I just absolutely cannot serve spaghetti one more night. I’ve been able to choose what works for my family, add in some new and exciting things to try, and even keep my generations-old family favorite no-bake cookie recipe handy so I don’t have to make a call to my mom every time I want to make them.

This app is easy, affordable, and—drumroll please—will also Make. My. Grocery. List. For. Me.

Excuse me, sister!?

Yes. I promise. You can’t go wrong with a company started by two moms who wanted to simplify meal-making for every mama.

The BEST chili…super easy and delish!

My absolute favorite thing about WhatsForDinner is that I can pull something up, quick and easy, grab my items from the store and the meals are ready without a ton of prep time, marinating things overnight, or even having to embarrass myself when I can’t spell the ingredients. These are must-make meals for families that even your pickiest eaters will LOVE without all of the seasonings and stuff you’ve never even heard of before. I mean, who even eats pea puree!?

Our kiddo with sensory issues has tried everything and loved most of it. I have been shocked in the best way!

WhatsForDinner even remembers the recipes you like and begins to learn what things your family wants more of so they can customize their recommendations. They offer both vegetarian and meat-eater menu options (because, my husband would apparently die without hamburgers) and, as they have learned what we love, they are even suggesting new ideas for our son who is gluten-free!

Friends, don’t walk—run to your phones and sign up for WhatsForDinner now. You won’t regret it!

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