Brynn’s passion is to create safe spaces where inclusion matters. She travels the country speaking to corporations, non-profits, camps, communities, schools, and churches. She offers:

+ Small and Large group speaking
+ Corporate Inclusion training
+ Education training and Professional Development
+ Parent, Foster Parent, and Adoptive Parent Trauma Informed Care training
+ Keynote speaking about a variety of topics, such as:
            – Inclusion in the Workplace
            – Practical Parenting for Extreme Children
            – Differentiating for the Difficult Learner
            – The Benefits of Simple Living for Mental Health
            – Identifying Anxiety and Strategies to Manage
            – Sensory Processing Identifiers and Coping Skills

"A phrase we use continually within the TODAY Parenting Team is ‘We’re all in this together,’ and the unique voice Brynn Burger brings to the special needs parents in our community is a perfect example of that sentiment. Brynn shares candidly about the ups, downs and in-betweens of parenting a child who is differently-abled, from the strain it puts on a marriage to the raw emotions moms feel after a particularly trying day with their child. Brynn’s writing has become an integral part of our community, and hundreds of thousands of parents have felt less alone because of her beautiful, honest words."

Terri Peters

Editor, TODAY Parenting Team

"You have to meet Brynn in person. You'll become instant friends (I promise). But if you aren't given that privilege, read anything she writes. She is genuine, hilarious and not afraid to speak her truth. She has a unique ability to reach women from all walks of life. I suppose that's why we all love her. No judgment from this girl, just acceptance and goodness. It's always an honor to publish her words as a regular contributor for Her View From Home, where our online community reaches over four million readers per month."

-Leslie Means

Creator/CEO, Her View From Home