Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

Chores for Kids

*by Margaret Latham

Your kids may not be able to do all the same chores that you do around the house, but they can probably help out a bit. You may just need to simplify some of the chores and cut them down into smaller parts so that your kids can handle them. We are going to show you five simplified chores that your kids can take care of, and then you can start enjoying a cleaner house and have more industrious kids.

Just keep in mind your kids’ age and what they are capable of doing at that age.


Instead of giving your kid an entire room to clean up or just telling them to clean the house, you can give them a specific item to clean up. You can say “straighten the shoes” or “pick up your toys”, and that allows them to easily stay on track until the work is done. Marge from DC says “If you give them jobs that are too big or too complicated, you may find them distracted and goofing off instead of doing the work you gave them”.


Once again, try to give your kids smaller jobs to keep them motivated with a sense of accomplishment and to not get too distracted by doing the same things for too long. Instead of having them sweep an entire room, you can tell them to sweep the steps or the patio. You can have them do smaller chores in relation to this as well, such as banging out the mats or picking up debris as they sweep.

Straightening Books

You want to assign your kids one small job at a time, and having them organize a bookcase can be a great way to do that. This often only takes a few minutes, and then you can have them move onto the next bookcase or the game cabinet or the movie rack. These are all simple jobs that you can split up for them so as not to strain their attention span too much.

Washing Dishes

If you have one kid doing all the dishwashing for a big family, that can be a bit overwhelming. That’s especially true if you assigned this job to a smaller kid, like one that is under 10. Instead, you may want to give them a single meal to do the dishes for or have one kid wash the dishes and the other dry them. You can find what works well for you and your kids, but just remember to find them jobs that are appropriate for their age level and skill level.


This is a one job that can become tiresome and a bit too much work for smaller kids if you just give them all of it to do. Instead, tell your kid to vacuum all the hard floors or all the carpets or all the mats. Give them a smaller job and split the jobs between multiple kids so that everyone has something to do and so that one kid is not feeling overwhelmed.


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