As a Mom, I NEVER Thought This Would Happen to Me…

As a Mom, I NEVER Thought This Would Happen to Me | The Mama On The Rocks

Something crazy happened before the sun came up this morning.

Something I honestly NEVER thought would happen to me.

I am a die hard NOT morning person.

I’m talking do not, under penalty of death, wake me up or speak to me before my second cup of coffee.

To be fair, I’m not exactly a night owl either…so what is that? I guess I’m a 10am-No Later than 9 type of gal!?

I digress.

Last night, as is our usual, I had a child laying stroon across me before 3am. He tossed, turned, and kicked my kidneys like a child-shaped, sweaty tornado.

I sat still, eyes wide, praying not to wake him as I listed out all of the things I needed to do that day, had forgotten to do the day before, or would need to do in the next 5-10 years.

By 6:05am I had sweated through my yoga pants and couldn’t take it one more second so I got up.

I fixed coffee.

I showered.

I read my devotional IN SILENCE (and the angels sang a chorus).

And at 7:15am my little sassy 4yo daughter came in rubbing her eyes and crawled up on my lap.

We told stories and giggled and, y’all…

I didn’t get mad or have anxiety or lose my cool like most mornings.

I sat in it.

I played with her hair.

I held her chubby little hands.

I kissed her head and it was something like magic.

I never thought I’d be the mom who wakes up and prepares for the day before the sun…

And, full disclosure, this was totally unplanned and quite possibly a one time gig.

Usually I can’t be up early because our extreme kiddo keeps me up half the night…and that’s okay.

But today was a memory I’ll not forget and I hope our little girl doesn’t either.

This year has been so hard.

I’ve felt beat down, beat up, and blasted beyond recognition.

But today.

Today friends, I did something right.

Tell me a good memory you made this year.


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