No Hard Feelings

No Hard Feelings

You GUYS!!

It’s been foooorrreeevvvveerrr since I hopped on to (re)introduce myself and there are so many new faces up in here! So, allow me to take the mic for a sec.

My name is Brynn and I’m a lot of things: a wife, a mama, a writer, a person who hates real pants, a woman who thinks coffee is as good as medicine, a lover of being outside, a hater of 98% of the Karens I meet, and the person who¬†loves tacos an equal amount as I love each of my children. Also, I don’t like to brag, but I speak FLUENT sarcasm.

A LOT of things have been happening lately in the tiny life of the Burger fam, so let me catch you up to speed:

1. My husband’s mechanic shop was flattened by tornados the end of May.

2. We moved our tiny house 2 weeks later from Ohio to TN.

3. This was all in the middle of my book and speaking tour.

4. We are starting our extreme child at a private school for awesome kiddos like him after Roadschooling for 2 years…sense the anxiety, friend, because IT. IS. THICK.

5. I have lost or given up all of my writing income in the last 2 months because I’ve felt fiercely lead to write solely for extreme children. That currently pays zero dollars.

6. Guac is good. God is better.

7. I’ve seriously considered bagging groceries because being an adult is expensive.

8. Step six is super important.

9. I love Jesus and I also like beer and wine and sometimes a curse word slips out when I’m angry. (Gasp!) That doesn’t make me a shi**y person. Oh gosh. There it goes again!

10. The more I write, speak, and am honest and vulnerable with people, the more I’m realizing that we are all fighting similar battles. Our stories might have different characters, but the tragedies and the struggles are still there.

So, here’s the thing. My entire life I’ve battled anxiety and horrendous self esteem cloaked in fake confidence and dripping in sarcasm.

I don’t need help listing the things I’m not good at, friends. I could chronologically date that list and provide it in a color-coded folder. So I don’t read comments on any of my articles on ANY site except my own. Right here. With you. I don’t write for the trolls. I write for other mamas, just like me, to know they aren’t alone.

And I also struggle, not with being boldly transparent, but with sharing the cob-webby parts that make other people uncomfortable. I’m used to feeling squirmy. That’s a staple of anxiety, which is kind of my gig. But I hate making other people question things.

So, all of that said, while I talk openly about being a faithful Christian, I didn’t start this community as one that is faith-based. You can count on me to speak my truth always, no matter the Karens that fall dead in my wake from overwhelming disapproval. You can also be sure I’ll live out what I believe and never shove it down anyone else’s throat. No thanks.

But, can you lean in for a minute so I can be REALLY real? I honestly don’t know how anyone lives without faith. Raising tiny humans brings me to the brink of insanity no less than eleventy times a day, and when you add in an extreme child, I feel like I’m clinging to dear life. Some days I’m audibly talking the the Lord, lest I hang my children out the window for their own safety! (Cool it, Karen. I’m kidding. Kind of.)

So, while my intention is never to offend, I’m also aware that too many people get their big girl panties in a wad over the slightest thing anymore so I’m just going to keep living my life over here and hoping you think it’s helpful, insightful, funny, and everything in between.

I may talk about Jesus, but I’m not over here flinging holy water or scheduling your baptism. That’s on you. Just know I’m not good at being fake. Legit, I have pro-level RBF. You’ll know. So I have to be honest about who I am and who I am thinks God is pretty great.

I’m going to keep eating tacos and wearing yoga pants to anything but actual yoga. I’ll be praising the Lord and crying in my bathroom floor and telling you all about it. I hope you aren’t offended, but if you are, feel free to go. No hard feelings. This life too crazy and way too short to worry your severely angled haircut over someone like me.¬†????

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