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With the rise in awareness of mental health, it seems contradictory that parents like Brynn Burger are choosing to remain hidden, living secret lives, as they struggle to balance what outsiders see with what is truly happening behind closed doors as they battle to raise a child with behavior diagnoses.

Parenting any child is hard, special needs parenting requires more, and raising an extreme child can be a next-level, hard-hats required war zone. This is something that, despite a staggering increase in diagnoses across the US, is causing hundreds of thousands of parents to shy away from public, feel isolated and alone, skip out on events, and hide in their cars in the Target parking lot silently sobbing and wishing things were different.

“Overcoming the Isolation Sentence” is an anthem for parents like Brynn who live their lives in the trenches. It is a story of humor and humility, of healing and recovery, and of hope on the long-fought journey of mental health to offer relief to parents currently battling, give insight to the outsider, and prepare a pathway to peace for other parents, educators, and professionals in the fox hole who hope for more than merely surviving extreme parenting.


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