When What We See Online Isn’t Parenting Reality

In the 60 minutes before school each day, a lot can happen. Shoes are lost, breakfast goes uneaten, lunches are packed, clothes are put on, then changed, then put on again.

In our house, some tiny glimpses of the wee hours can look like this–an older brother lovingly braiding his baby sister’s hair, paying close attention to the details of every strand.

But, mamas, the moments are made in the mess.

What you see is a sweet memory. A momentary picture of kindness.

But this isn’t what the rest of the morning looks like. This is a five second snapshot. A stop in time.

Mamas, these are adorable and remind us that being a mom isn’t ACTUALLY the worst gig in the world. But these are few…at least in our home.

What our morning is littered with are less hair-braiding and more hair pulling. Fighting over who gets which waffle, who gets to open the car door, and who gets to pick the song on the radio.

Friends, we are only privileged to see what others CHOOSE to show us, whether online or in person. But that isn’t the whole truth.

We are the sum of all of our parts…not just the public and visible ones. Remember that truth when you find yourselves tempted to fall into the comparison trap.

“I’m not as fit as that mom.”
“Their family has it all together.”
“Those kids never seem to argue.”

Friends, we are making bold assumptions based on small flashes of facts. And that can be dangerous.

Remember YOU were chosen specifically to parent your children, whether #extreme or #neurotpical. You. No one else is better for the glimpses or the full truth. No one.

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