A “How Can I Help” Guide for Husbands-A (Mostly) Free Way To Give Your Lady A Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on men to shower their women with gifts, surprises, flowers, candy, or fancy dinners. Some women expect that and some men love to do it. But for some of us, we don’t need or expect something shiny or glittery. And please don’t ask me to put on heels just to go eat somewhere.

Husbands, here are some full-proof (mostly) free ways to make your wife’s Valentine’s Day extra special.

Remind Her You’re Thinking Of Her

You will be surprised how loved you can make your woman feel if you leave her a note on the bathroom mirror or text her int he middle of the day just to tell her you love her. As women, we tend to question our self-worth more than we’d care to admit. Having a man who reminds us that we are fought for, found beautiful, and truly valued is priceless (it’s also completely free).                

Help Around The House

I’m sure you hear this a lot, but it cannot be stressed enough. I am fortunate to have a husband who does more than his fair share cleaning up, but his expertise is mostly outside work and lawn care. So, when he takes time to be sure the dishes are done and laundry is put away before I get home I am beyond grateful. Do you mean I can just sit down for 5 minutes? Mind. Blown.

Husbands, we don’t need you to have everything sparkly and shiny. We are just asking for a the trash to be carried out before it is pouring into the floor and without having to be asked (17 times). *Much love to the hubbies who already do this, mine included.

Learn Something New Together

Married life, especially with kids, can quickly turn into a business relationship with a roommate if we aren’t careful. As the years pass and we get into a routine, it can be difficult to keep things fresh and new. Try this idea!

Most area have art class, cooking classes, or even dance classes that are completely free or very affordable. This gives money back to the community while trying something new together. Whether you go to a local dive for karaoke night or watch your first foreign film at home on the couch, mix things up and do something new together!

Make Her Something

Most women don’t actually require jewelry or high end gifts. Taking the time to make something with your hands shows both creativity as well as making us feel like you took the time to think of something we’d really enjoy. Even if you aren’t the handiest, Pinterest is full of easy to make DIY projects that will walk you through, step-by-step.

Trust me, artistic ability doesn’t apply. My husband once attempted to crochet me a toboggan for Christmas. This thing wouldn’t have fit an infant. It looked like a winter beret for a puppy, but I loved it! The fact that he took the time to learn something TOTALLY our of his comfort zone meant the world to me.

Do Something Manly For Her (Or Hire Someone To Do It)

Whether your specialty is yard work or an oil change, show you care by fixing that closet door she mentioned last month or washing her car to sparkling clean. These kinds of mundane tasks sincerely make us feel both feminine and cared for. As a self-proclaimed tomboy, I can throw a football, but I don’t want to crawl under my vehicle. So the fact that you are willing to do it for me is insanely thoughtful to me.

Pamper Her

Whether you are crafty enough to handmade bath beads or facial scrubs, or whether you just get a nice smelling bubble bath from the dollar store and light some tea light candles, showing your lady that you care by providing a relaxing experience for her is incredibly thoughtful. You can run a hot bath, offer to rub her feet, or even attempt to paint her nails. We are going to love your willingness to give us time to take a breath, to acknowledge that we need to relax, and to put for the effort for our benefit.

Give Her Some Time Off From The Kids

Men, hear me when I say THIS IS A BIG ONE! We love our children. We made them. We feed them. We make sure they are (remotely) clean and (mostly) well-fed. But, baby, we need a break! We would love a date night with you, but you know what else we’d love? We’d love to take a hot shower, pee without an audience, sleep without a baby across our face, binge watch Netflix without interruptions, and eat an entire meal before it is cold. Men. MEN! For real, this can be a game changer for us. We will return to your loving arms fed and rested and feeling so unbelievably loved.

Seriously, even if you already bought fancy earrings or made dinner reservation, add this one to your list too. You won’t regret it.


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