Dear Brave, Beautiful Daughter


Dear Brave, Beautiful Daughter,

This world is so much right now. For women and girls, especially, this is both a harsh and beautiful time in which to grow up.

Things are changing. I can feel it. Some change is forward moving progression. Some will redirect the course of history.

For you, my sweet girl, I hope for the better.

You are coming up in a time where “me too” echos down hallways, tears through offices, and drips down the newsfeeds of millions. Those two simple words contain endless fear, sadness, and empowerment all at once.

This is a terrifying time for some and a beautifully vulnerable victory for others.

What I want you to know, my precious girl, is that you are far more than who this world, the media, or the caddy friends you may encounter at school might say you are. Your identity does not lie with them. They do not make you who you are, who you’ve been, or who you will become.

You are beautiful and brave, brilliant and bold. You are my daughter and, most importantly, you are His.

As much as I wish I could, I cannot control who crosses your path or decisions you will make. I will not make the choice of who you date or what parties you attend. I can’t keep watch over what men may come and go in your life, but I can do one thing. I can teach you how to love yourself. I can show you to be kind. I can be an example of confidence and self-respect as a wife, a mother, and a woman.

And I can pray. Girl, I can pray! Halleluyer!

Know this: You will make mistakes, but you are good. You will mess up, but you are kind. You will push boundaries, but you are lovely.

So, as I stroke your sweet, curly blonde baby hairs, I will pray for you I will pray for the woman you will become, for the friends you will make, the husband you might choose, and the kids you will raise. I cannot shield you from the heartache or hurt, but I can model how a godly woman should respond when those things come our way.

This world, no matter which corner you choose to call home, is messy. But you can choose to be the good.

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