Moms, It’s Okay to Just be on Survival Mode

Moms, It's Okay to Just be on Survival Mode | The Mama On The Rocks

The calendar says it’s 2021 now…we officially made it through 2020.

But what if we are still on survival mode?

What if, after the blow of the party horns and the annoyance of neighborhood fireworks, you’re still feeling

and Over it?

Me too, friend. Me too.

I don’t know what I thought would feel differently when I woke up this morning (just barely after 5am, thank you sweet angel children who refuse to sleep until sunrise).

I’m not so naive to think the change of the calendar page would usher in much-needed answers or healing or hope.

But I needed it.

I needed to wake up to life being easier,
Or me being stronger,
Or the world being kinder,

But it isn’t.

And that’s okay.

Friend, if you’re walking around in part grateful that 2020 didn’t kill you but also secretly wondering how you can possibly make it through 2021….

If you are desperately hanging on, just like you did the last 9+ months…

If you’re still sporting last year’s yoga pants and hoodie…

If sometimes it’s still hard to breathe, hard to hope, hard to pray, hard to see the good…

Know that you aren’t alone.

Know that a new month doesn’t necessarily equal more opportunity or less anxiety.

And that’s okay.

If you need to be sad,
Or build boundaries,
Or hug your people,
Or put off your sugar detox,
Or call a therapist,
Or run or walk or sleep…

Do it, friend.

Because we’d be a little dense to think just because we want to leave the mess of 2020 behind us means 2021 will bring instant magic.

Whatever you’re going through,
Recognize it,
Feel it,
Sit in it a moment,
Just don’t unpack your bags there.

We are going to walk into this coming year with our chins up, sisters…we may be war-torn and weary, exhausted and exasperated…
but we will be together,
sometimes cheering each other on,
and other times holding each other up.

And that, my friends, is hope in the new year and I’m so, so glad to be in this with you💜


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