How to be More Organized

A new year means new resolutions maybe you should resolve to be more organized in 2018, here are some tips how to stay on track year-round.

It is hard to believe the New Year is right around the corner. Right now thoughts of sugar plums and eggnog, elves on shelves, and mistletoe are swirling through the heads of those drunk on Christmas spirit. Moms and dads everywhere are secretly planning covert wrapping sessions and late night rendezvous to ensure their little ones wake up to the magic only Santa and his eight reindeer can provide. However, after the presents are unwrapped, the cookies consumed, and the stockings stuffed and then unstuffed, we are all left with the disturbing reality of the impending transition from one year to the next.

Most of us reminisce on the concluding year for the short week between Christmas and New Years, and we try frantically to devise a well-thought-out resolution to be implemented sometime after the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. What if this year was different? What if this year you went into the New Year with a clear understanding of your resolution before you have even been to the first cookie swap of the season? Before you have even finished stringing the lights, you can decide on your resolution. Try this on for size. How about resolving to get more organized in 2018?

By decluttering and reorganizing each aspect of your life, you will gain a renewed spirit and be free of those physical things which weigh you down.

There are several ways you can get organized in 2018; we recommend you place your emphasis and energy in one area each month. Then, by the end of the year, you will feel so much more organized than the year prior. Here is a simple outline to help keep you on track all year long.

  • January organize your closet;
  • February focus on the kitchen;
  • March tackle the bathroom(s);
  • April spend time reorganizing the family room, dining room, and living room;
  • May should be designated for your vehicle(s);
  • June is for the guest room(s);
  • July pack up and organize the children’s room(s);
  • August is allocated as a time for garage organization;
  • September create time to look at your basement and attic with fresh eyes;
  • October sort through your yearly house maintenance and landscape plan;  
  • November you will want to tackle bills before the holidays; and
  • December clean out your office space.

This outline can be altered to fit your lifestyle and home. For example, if you do not have a garage or carport, use the month of August to straighten out another area of your life or home which needs a little attention. It is an outline to help you look at the year holistically and break it down into minute, digestible segments, so you stick to your resolution for 12 months instead of giving up in mid-February like most Americans.

When it comes to office organization, there are a lot of ways you can approach it — from sorting through files and inkless pens to tackling dusty bookcases and updating computer software. After you resolve to get more organized, it is time to rid yourself of the old ways of doing things and usher in new, more efficient means for tackling the messy areas. This change will positively impact your workflow and your bottom line. Steelray is a software development company who understands how to implement technology solutions to help streamline and organize workflow. Their leading software solution is called Microsoft Project Viewer and in short it is meant to help you view, organize, prioritize, and manage large scale projects for project managers.

Most companies use a project management software, but if you are not already using Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management (Microsoft PPM), then you are not using the latest, most trusted technology available on the market. To further enhance the capabilities of this already credible software, Steelray’s Microsoft Project Viewer couples with the Microsoft PPM to create a comprehensive Project Management software solution which will help you elevate the level of organization not only in your workspace but also throughout the office. What sets this industry-leading software integration apart from its competitors is its intuitive design features, its ease of use, and most importantly, the fact it was designed by a Project Manager for project managers.

Brian Leach is the founder and CEO of Steelray. The idea for Microsoft Project Viewer was conceptualized based on his unique, hands-on experience with Microsoft PPM. While using the software, Brian recognized its limitations and worked to develop solutions to make his workflow progress smoother. As a result, his timelines, budgets, and tasks became more comprehensive and transparent for all his team members. After his initial success with the integrations, Brian decided to make this technology available for other Project Managers, and Steelray was born. Microsoft Project Viewer expands the viewing and printing capabilities available with its parent software, Microsoft PPM, and overall it offers a more natural way for project managers to organize their budgets and timelines while simultaneously managing expectations for deliverables throughout the life of a job.

If you want to get more organized in 2018, devise a plan to tackle areas of your life, one step at a time. When you get to the point where you are ready to address the organization in your office or work space, consider implementing new software solutions, like the Steelray Microsoft Project Viewer, to streamline your workflow.


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