A Gift Guide for Real Moms: What To Buy The Mom In Your Life (32 Gifts She’ll Actually Like)

A Gift Guide for Real Moms: What To Buy The Mom In Your Life (32 Gifts She'll Actually Like) | The Mama On The Rocks

Historically, moms are the easiest people to shop for during any time of the year. I once bought my mom a “jewelry tray” (read: tiny metal pan) with a unicorn painted on it at the Secret Santa shop in my elementary school for $0.50. Now, thanks to Pinterest and loads of DIY YouTube videos, kids and husbands alike can fashion moms something way nicer than your late 80’s macaroni necklaces or popsicle stick reindeer ornaments.

Honey, put down the glue stick and take a step backwards. I am about to let you in on a little-known secret. While I appreciate anything the tiny hands of my kids make for me, I am up to my ears in noodle necklaces. My heart is not warmed by the purchase of new household items or socks. And please, for the love of being warm, stop buying me blankets! I have drawers full and the Goodwill is about to turn me away from donating any more.

Mamas, we can all set up a time to group chat later about how awesome our gifts were, because, if done correctly, we will all LOVE these presents. This list is filled with restful experiences, thoughtful gifts, and memory-making togetherness. There are no candles, no scented lotions, no $5 perfume gift sets. No one will be receiving anything with “As Seen On TV” printed on the box. No one will get homemade coupon books that we all know might as well be expired when we receive them.

If you want to buy something for your mom, wife, grandma, or another special woman in your life, take my advice. Shop here. Put the car in reverse. Do NOT, I repeat: Do NOT buy your wife’s gift from you or your kids at the gas station because you waited until Christmas Eve. Here is your list. Check it twice. Then click the provided link to buy these items. You can thank me later.

32 Gifts For Real Moms (That They’ll Actually Like):

Shoppers, for these suggestions to work, you must know your woman. You need to know whether or not she wants practical things or fancy items. Does she enjoy shopping or staying home? Would she like to travel or would she rather stay home with a good book? Does she want to be pampered or spend her time outdoors? Ask yourself these questions and take an inventory of what she enjoys. Once you have your answers, feel comfortable to proceed. I even categorized them. You’re welcome.

For the Trendy Mama:

1. A Shopping Spree: Whether your lady likes makeup, jewelry, or shoes, it is best to look into either a subscription for them or a gift certificate to their favorite store. Unless you know them VERY well, I would not recommend buying an actual item from this category as these mamas tend to be on the side of particular. However, if you are sure about size, color, and style, go for it! If not, we’d recommend checking out AdoreMe, Shoe Dazzle, StitchFix, Play! by Sephora, or BeautyFix.

2. A Makeover: You can’t go wrong with giving mama a fresh look! Be sure to take note of her favorite spa, salon, or beauty counter. Many sell gift certificates, but be specific. You want to let her know you noticed and that you are encouraging her to take some time for herself. So get her a gift card for a pedicure, a massage, a facial, or a cut and color if you know what she likes. These are gifts you’d shop for locally so be sure you take notes now!

3. This Rose Gold FitBit Band: I, nor anyone who knows me, would describe me as “trendy”. However, I bought this FitBit band for my Charge 2 last week and the compliments won’t stop. It is able to completely makeover a fitness watch to a jazzy night out band all while counting every step. Click HERE to add it to your cart!

For the Athletic Mama:

1. Fabletics Subscription: I am a plus-sized athletic mama and I will let you all in on the fact that this isn’t for women of much size. However, if your fitness mama is a size 14 or less, this is a great way to allow her to choose new workout gear that is both trendy and comfortable. This company sells everything from sports bras to dresses and their leggings are the jam!

2. This Collapsible Water Bottle: A killer water bottle is a must-have gear accessory. I like this one because it collapses down while still holding it’s shape. It is BPA free for those crunchy granola mamas, and it comes in a variety of colors. This is a great item for any mom, especially those on the go. Click HERE to get this deal!

3. Wireless BluTooth Headphones: These headphones completely free mama from the bulky days of walkmans and corded iPhones. Mom can run, bike, take spin class, or samba with these lightweight, easy-to-use wireless guys. Their sound quality is unmatched and they have volume control. I loved these so much, I got some for my husband! Click HERE to get them while they are on SALE!

4. This Ninja Blender: We may use this more than any one appliance in our home. From smoothies to protein bites, this blender allows for easy change up of accessories and even a single-serve to-go mixing cup. The measurements are already there for you on the side of each attachment and it even comes with a recipe guide! You can’t go wrong with this as a multi-purpose kitchen item for the healthy mom. Click HERE to get it $20 off the store price!

For the Adventurous Mama:

1. An Experience: Whether she has always wanted to skydive or white water raft, get your girl going with an excursion that you plan. Nothing frees us up for adventure like not having to pack everyone’s gear, lunches, and extra clothes. If you’ve already done that for us, it will blow our minds! Every state has its own guided trips, but from what my husband and I used to do for a living, we’d recommend the following excursions for the adventurous mama: rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking/camping, caving (especially during winter), skiing/snowboarding, water skiing/wake boarding, ropes course, or white water rafting.

2. This BluTooth Speaker: Our family LOVES this little guy. It is portable, rechargeable, has a hook to hang it up, and is water resistant. We use this while working out, driving, and having campfires. You can’t go wrong with it! Click HERE to buy it with one click!

3. This Packable Hammock: Our vote is for the double nesting hammock, but they also sell individual sized ones at ENO. I love the double because it is rated to 400 lbs. so we can cram multiple people in it, or I can curl up with a book and enjoy the weather. The handy, packable pocket can hold my phone, drink, etc. and it packs down to the size of a cantaloupe for squishy, easy storage. They come in a variety of colors and they sell awesome accessories like mosquito nets and tented roofs for rainy nights spent outside. This gift will offer opportunity for relaxation and adventure! Click HERE now so you don’t miss out!

For the Introvert Mama:

1. An Audible Subscription: For those Amazon Prime-loving mamas, get your lady a subscription for Audible if she loves to read but doesn’t have time. They have a library of millions of books and periodicals for a small monthly subscription fee. Plus, she gets credits for FREE downloads when she creates her account! This is an incredible gift to go along with a bottle of her favorite wine and a night where you take the kids somewhere. Ahhhhhhh peace and quiet! Click HERE to give the ultimate gift!

2. A Movie Subscription: Whether you opt for Netflix, Amazon Prime, or a RedBox Playpass, mamas who prefer to stay in would love to receive a thoughtful basket of movie gifts like buttered popcorn, her favorite drink, candy, and a new cup/mug with a subscription for downloadable or rentable movies. I could literally spend hours with this gift alone.

3. This Oil Diffuser: Even for non-oily mamas, nothing says ‘cozy night in’ like a great smell to comfort your warm slippers and plan to binge watch streaming TV. You can buy starter kits of oils HERE and be sure to think of what scents your mama likes or dislikes. Unfortunately for you, they have actual herb names and not things you may more easily recognize like, “Too Much Perfume at Church Lady” or “Greasy Carnival Food”. I recommend starting with the basics like peppermint, citrus, lemon, stress away, and lavender, which you can get in a combo pack if you shop smart HERE. We especially love this diffuser because it has a nice look, it is slim, and doubles as a nightlight. Side Note: Lavender is a migraine trigger for some so avoid it if this pertains to your mama. Click HERE to add it to your cart!

For the Practical Mama:

1. A Cooking Service: Every mom is tired. I don’t care who you are or how old your kids are, we are exhausted! So, give mama the night off by setting her up with a subscription meal service where you choose the number of people served and the types of foods you like (including food allergies). You will receive your delicious, nutritious ingredient box with easy-to-follow recipe cards for you to make the meal. Trust me, I have watched the un-chefiest chefs master fresh cilantro when they’d only ever previously made cereal. You’ve got this and mama will thank you (and be wildly impressed). I recommend giving this surprise attached to a bottle of her favorite wine or beverage of choice. We liked the results from Hello Fresh and Blue Apron best.

2. A Robot Maid: Do not underestimate how much someone can hate sweeping floors. No matter what time I just finished cleaning up, I will inevitably look over to notice a pile of Cheerio dust under my one-year-old’s high chair that I somehow missed. This new invention and crazy popular gift item this season will allow mom to mark this task off of her to-do list forever. The rechargeable vacuum rolls around the room and self-guides to clean up dirt, dust, and other goodies from carpets and hardwood, leaving shiny surfaces for mom to smile at. This item is high-dollar and, from our experience, we wouldn’t recommend going off brand. However, a happy mama is a happy household. Seriously. Go buy this now. Click HERE to get it $70 off of retail!

3. This INSANELY Awesome Planner: If I have an expertise in any area, it is organization. Girl, my life is color-coded. I live for new office supplies and if it isn’t on a post-it, I already forgot it. Every woman needs a planner, but this. Oh, this is the ULTIMATE organization machine. I love this planner because it is affordable, cute, offers both monthly and daily agendas, allows you to personalize it, plus it even has spaces for meal planning. Um, yes please! Click HERE so you don’t miss out!

For The Hippie Mama:

1. This Cushy Meditation PillowNot only am I in love with the design and the colors, but the cushion that this particular yoga/meditation pillow provides is unmatched. For realz. This would also double as a super awesome reading pillow for adults or kiddos. Buy it HERE before they are sold out!

2. These Killer Harem PantsFull disclosure, I not only bought a second pair for myself after loving the first so much, but I also bought some for my hippie-at-heart husband (in a plain navy color). To say these pants are comfortable is a gross understatement. They are INCREDIBLE. They are comfy, have great fabric, beautiful designs and colors, a great fit for many sizes, as well as have the ability to be dress pants OR lounge pants. I am IN LOVE! Buy them HERE. You won’t regret it!

3. This Himalayan Salt LampCurrently on sale HERE is this super awesome Himalayan salt lamp. These lamps are known to provide relaxing environments for bedrooms, offices, and meditation rooms. They give off a soft glow, are hand carved, and come on a base of authentic rosewood. Seriously, this is beautiful, practical, and useful! Win at gift-giving and buy it HERE!

For the Sentimental Mama:

1. This Personalized Travel Mug: Able to go with mom anywhere, we love this mug because it is big enough for the days when we are dragging in the mornings. You can load several pictures to personalize it for the special mama in your life and the colors are super brilliant! It is like giving her a scrapbook she can drink out of! You will totally win on so many levels! Personalize and buy it HERE for an up to 50% off discount!

2. This Hand-Stamped Jewelry: Nothing says mushy mom moment like receiving a handmade gift that she can  wear, remember her family when she wears it, and absolutely LOVE (in place of the former noodle necklaces). This Etsy shop offers many different items beyond traditional bracelets and necklaces to include key chains, guitar picks, etc. Check it out HERE!

3. Don’t Just Chart Her Stars: Naming a star for someone is short-lived excitement. Unless you have some connection with NASA, who could ever find that exact star, anyway? HERE this Etsy shop owner creates star and constellation jewelry. This would allow the mama in your life to wear her star or constellation chronicling a special date or time in your lives. What an incredibly thoughtful gift that she can enjoy for years to come!

For the Artsy Mama:

1. A Creative Experience: Whether your mama enjoys the theater, the opera, a concert, or painting, there is a local place for you to take her to soak up some culture. Here are some of our favorite ideas for you to search for in your region: jazz bars, venues with live music, painting pottery, sip and dip places for wine and canvas painting, CosPlay events, ComicCon events like THIS super sweet one in Tennessee, wine tastings, brewery tours, an evening at the Pops orchestra, community theaters, and so much more! A great place to start would be checking out your community’s website for a calendar of events and their chamber of commerce for local businesses. This kind of gift is one she will always remember. Trust me on this one!

2. Supplies: Whether she is a painter, a potter, or a player of music, your mama needs supplies. Buy her lessons, a class, studio time, a space at a local craft venue to sell her wares, or actual brushes and canvas, but show you have a vested interest in what brings her joy.

3. Get Your Hands Dirty: Take your mama to a dance class, a painting studio, or a pottery-making class. Do a cooking class where you learn a new recipe or sign up for something teaching you a new trade. Creative mamas love to learn and hone their craft! If you are feeling extra, ask a grandma to teach you both how to knit or crochet! That serves someone else AND provides a cool new activity to learn together! Double win!

For ALL Mamas:

1. A Spa Day: I am a to-the-bone tomboy mama. I love to be outdoors, get muddy, go hunting, and hike on my days off. However, I would NEVER turn down a spa day. “Oh you want to pamper me and make sure my dry heels don’t stick like velcro to my sheets!? Um, yes please!” You can’t go wrong with this gift!

2. A Rest Day: If you want to win at gift-giving, here’s your ticket! Give mom the day off. Cook all meals, clean up your messes (and those made by other people in the house). Run her errands, and complete her to-do list. Let her take a nap! Let her read a book or go shopping or do whatever she wants. Compliment how great she looks in her yoga pants! Everybody wins in this scenario because she will love your thoughtfulness and effort and you will develop a new appreciation for how she slays motherhood daily!

3. Planned Funtivities: This is open-ended for the event of your choosing, but plan something. This means taking care of a sitter, the meals, and any packing or ticket purchasing necessary prior to the event. One time, for Christmas, my husband booked a weekend at a town nearby that I loved and planned our meals, a massage, and booked our stay. I loved the experience, but do you know what meant the most? He knew I am super Type A and he gifted me a completed itinerary. It was nerdy to anyone else, but he spoke my language!

4. GREAT Coffee: Unless the mama in your life is the particular brand of weirdo who doesn’t drink coffee (I don’t understand your life), then you can’t go wrong here. This is affordable and will last a while. Do NOT buy this at WalMart or Kroger. That is not good coffee. You need to shop local for this item. It gives to small business, plus it tastes a billion times better. You could also consider a grinder, a press, or a coffee maker for shoppers will a little more leeway in their budget. Get the grinder HERE for up to 60% off! Get the press HERE for 56% off!

5. Delicious Wine: Whether you opt for a local winery, a trip for a tasting, or a wine of the month subscription, if your mama likes wine, this is the gift to give! We also found gifts like THIS wine accessories set to be the perfect gift for the vino lover in your life.


No matter your mama or the woman you shop for, these gifts are great starts to making you the Champion of Christmas this year!


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  1. Such an amazing gift guide! I bet so many people will love this resource, I see a few things I’d get for my mom – you made so many great points and found so many awesome deals. Great job!

  2. I love the categories of moms. I think I am in the mood for a fitbit band or wireless bluetooth that I can work out with. I have a lot of different moods so I need to have my husband see this

  3. Looks like all the mama bases are covered. There are several things on this list I wouldn’t mind getting! And your suggestion that everyone else get the stuff ready before the experience based trip is priceless!

  4. This is such a great list of mom gifts! I’ve always wanted to try a Himalayan salt land so this definitely piqued my curiosity. And I’d love to have the rose gold fitbit wristband too. Now I just need to use these ideas to help with all the other ladies on my Christmas list. Thanks!

  5. These are some really great ideas. I know there are so many times that we don’t know what to get Mom but now I do!

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