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Living Tiny

Tiny living isn’t for everyone but simple living should be.

Downsizing and moving from our 15 acre farm to a 300 square foot tiny house on wheels seemed crazy to everyone but us. It was an obvious choice to meet our extreme child’s needs so we jumped in with both feet.

We learned that clutter smothers and simplicity breathes.

While we were increasing our family time, traveling experiences, and making memories, we were drastically reducing our anxiety, fears, and propensity toward being constantly overwhelmed.

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Going tiny or even downsizing, no matter your square footage, can leave out a lot of logistics we may not otherwise consider.
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The Lifestyle

Meet Telle. She is our tiny house on wheels.

Our 300 square foot of simple and organized.

She’s shiny, she’s sassy, and she’s a little bad-assy. I just speak the truth, y’all!

We bought her, gutted her, and rebuilt her to suit our family’s needs in 2017 and have been traveling and living in her ever since.

This lifestyle isn’t for everybody, but it has lead us to meet some incredible friends, share our crazy story, and speak all over our country about the benefits of simple living for extreme children.

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This eCourse is the culmination of an entire year of researching the logistics of living tiny and downsizing and simplifying our lives to meet our extreme children's needs. This course gives you easy-to-follow videos about everything from budgeting to building so you won't be left confused or overwhelmed.

For Mental Health

Tiny living seems crazy. We get it.

But, when our family was facing financial hardship and needed a solution to meet our extreme child’s behavioral and academic needs, it seemed like a logical solution.

Simply removing the ‘stuff’ that created a constant source of overstimulation has allowed our family to flourish.

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