To the Mama Who Feels Like She was Meant for More

To the Mama Who Feels Like She was Meant for More

Before we go any further, let’s just address the self righteous Karens who are already giving me the side eye and disapproving flip of their severely angled haircut after reading only the title of this article.

Listen, sisters.

I’m not saying that I don’t love being a mom. I’m not saying I don’t think my kids are awesome. If you met them you would want to be their BFFs. Trust me. In zero ways am I saying that being a stay at home mama isn’t enough. I’ve done it. It is the hardest freaking job ON. THE. PLANET.

I am addressing the mamas who find themselves daydreaming. The ones who lay awake at night with their minds reeling about more than just their to-do lists. The big thinkers, the go getters, the make-it-happen mamas, the ones who are questioning their ability to actually achieve that big thing they’ve always wanted but told no one.

To those of you who clean up yogurt spills, play endless rounds of blocks, run the kids to playdates and preschool, and still find yourselves wanting more.

Maybe you dream of running a company.

Maybe you sit up at night mulling over potential titles for the book you’ve always wished you’d write.

Perhaps you find yourself preoccupied with adventure races or the next local marathon that you’ve always wanted to enter.

Maybe you’ve almost hit submit countless times to the master’s program you sidelined when you became pregnant.

Mamas, here’s the thing.

You WERE meant for something more. And…lean in close and I’ll speak up for those in the back.

That. Is. Okay.

Each of us were born with a purpose; a plan to make this world greater in some way. You might be meant to care for the elderly, bake the world’s greatest cookies, become a nurse, fly to the moon, or be the next great female movie producer, but mama you have permission to dream big!

When we close ourselves in and limit ourselves by allowing our fears or negative self-talk, doubts or anxiety dictate what we do and do not pursue, we are telling our children that they can’t do it either.

Friends, our kids don’t listen to anything we say.

Well, maybe yours do, but mine definitely don’t. But I PROMISE you that they watch and they soak in everything we do–how we treat ourselves, each other, our spouse, our friends, the trash man, and our kids. They. Notice.

And while we need to be mindful of what we say to our kids, of course, we also need to keep watch over the example we are setting for them as we make choices and live our own lives as adults.

We are MORE than “just moms”.

We are counselors, professors, cooks, hostesses, singers, scientists, doctors, graduates, actresses, athletes, and freaking fierce!

When we go through things, when we pursue dreams, when we allow our kids to see us struggle, be fearful, and still press on anyway, we are instilling the values of perseverance, determination, and grit. We are granting them permission to be exactly who they were meant to be–whatever that looks like for them.

So, mamas, keep dreaming. Keep making vision boards and posting sticky note reminders of encouragement. Keep pushing yourselves to do more and be more because you ARE meant for more than being a mom.

We are decision-makers and world-changers as moms alone so just imagine what we could do of we pushed our fears and anxieties to the side, if we told our doubts to ‘beat it’, and if we ran after our dreams with wild abandon.

Friends, we only get to do this life once. One chance to make waves. One opportunity to change things. One chance to boldly face our fears and to show our kids, our spouse, our friends, and our freaking selves what we are made of.

So, let’s get up off of the coffee-stained carpet, dust off our sidewalk chalk-covered yoga pants, and chase after our dreams like we are on fire because this is our time to leave an imprint on the chaos of this world and show our kiddos that they can too.

I can’t say if you’ll wish you hadn’t tried it, but I am certain that if you don’t, you will ALWAYS wonder ‘what if’.

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