To The Woman Sitting in Her Car for Just 5 More Minutes…

To The Woman Sitting in Her Car for Just 5 More Minutes | The Mama On The Rocks

To the woman sitting in her car for just 5 more minutes…

I see you.

I am you.

Today it is soaking in just a couple more minutes of quiet before after school pick-up–when things get wild, and rowdy, and out of control. When the day gets turned on its head with homework and dinner, baths and bedtime.

Some days it’s watching my oldest walk into school a few more steps because I know, soon enough, I’ll be watching him walk across a stage to accept his diploma.

Other times I am in a back row spot at Target crying, hoping no one sees me, but unable to stop the tears and sometimes I’m not sure why–overworked, overwhelmed, over it. Maybe some combination of it all.

Every once in a while (or most days that end in Y), I’m just enjoying the last five minutes of my audio book or podcast without my kids screaming like wild animals in the backseat.

So mama, wherever you are today, sitting for just a few minutes longer, take your time. Take a breath. And then move forward. We’re in this together.

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