Today I Quit Parenting

Today I Quit Parenting

Adulting, wifing, momming, careering…all of it.

I quit.

All of us who have kids can spot the sleepy newborn mom roaming aimlessly the Target Dollar Spot as if she doesn’t know what day it is.

We have all seen the toddler mom who is bent down to drag her screaming threenager from the toys they are declaring must be made theirs or their bones will turn to limp spaghetti.

We tip our hats to the so far over it teenager mama who is currently winning the eye rolling battle as she half listens to her daughter’s incessant ranting about why it is heinous torture that she still has an iPhone 6 and it’s 2019, for crying out loud.

We envy the moms who are embracing more girl’s nights and weekends away because they are finally nearing retirement and their kids flew the coop a few years ago.

But here’s the thing, friend.

No matter which season we find ourselves in tonight, each comes with its own struggles and its own incredibly beautiful victories. We can identify with each other, give our sisters in arms a boxed wine salute when our red carts pass in the Joanna Gaines section, but we must remember that we all have our ‘stuff’ that feels too heavy to carry sometimes.

So tonight, I am saying ‘no’ to dishes and saying an emphatic ‘yes’ to a long overdue shower.

Tomorrow I am saying ‘yes’ to a work breakfast where I will also say yes to coffee and probably carbs.

Friends, these seasons of life can be both stressful and solemn, beautiful and battered, heavy and honorable.

So tonight I quit so that tomorrow there will be enough left of me to start all over again. ❤️

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