Valentine’s Gift Guide For Men-What Your Real-Life Women Actually Want

Shopping for the women in our lives can be tricky. Mamas come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, and many have a wide variation of tastes. Husbands and children alike struggle to know what to get for the ladies in their lives. So, men, listen up! And mamas, print this list to help your husband or child through shopping this Valentine’s Day to prevent you from receiving one more macaroni necklace or crudely painted clay jewelry jar.

For The Busy Mama:

It doesn’t get more timely than a crockpot for the busy mama’s cooking task. The modern spin on this cooking classic is the Instant Pot. You can cook everythign from yogurt to a whole chicken and you can even throw something in straight from the freezer, making prep and planning almost obsolete! Click HERE to buy the 3 quart size or HERE to add a 6 quart for a family of four or more to your cart!

For The Organic Mama:

This gift is timeless for the mama who enjoys things from the earth as much as it is for mamas who are teachers, nurses, and other professions where smells can be fierce. Click HERE to buy a wrapped bracelet or HERE for a necklace that will allow your woman to put a few drops of her favorite oil in the morning that will benefit her all day long. These are both beautiful and practical and clicking HERE can get this gift for 50% off!

For The High-Class Mama:

Gentlemen, take notes because you are about to win at gift-giving. This Wooden Wine Glass Bath Shelf takes Valentine’s Day to the next level. Made from water-resistant and beautiful bamboo, with a space for a tablet or e-reader and a special notch to hold her wine glass, THIS gift will allow your special lady to relax and rejuvenate. Click HERE to get this killer gift for 40% off now!

For The Stay At Home Mama:

I have walked out of my house more times than I can count still wearing my slippers (or house shoes for my southern mamas). So for the mama who is focused on getting the kiddos loaded up and off to where they belong for the day, this indoor/outdoor UGG slipper is as comfortable as it is stylish. They come in a variety of colors and styles, but THIS is my fav! Click HERE to get it for $10 off!

For The Business Mama:

I am obsessed with THIS Yaluxe Leather Bag! As a teacher and former member of the corporate runaround, this bag has insane pockets, it looks sleek and beautiful, and you can click HERE to get it for 40% off!

For The Mama On The Go:

Especially for the mama on the run, THIS Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is 32 ounces of healthy deliciousness. It helps those who don’t like plain water as well as those who need a bottle to take with them in the car, in the stroller, and in at the office. This style is shatter-proof and, in my opinion, the best deal for the money. Click HERE to buy yours now!

For The HGTV Mama:

For the mama who loves to binge watch Fixer Upper, it doesn’t get more classing than gifting her a Magnolia Journal magazine subscription. Click HERE to sign her up for $15 off and let her get a gift all year round! She can cover your walls in shop lap and shower you with her appreciation because I am sure she will love it!

For The Fitness Mama:

While their leggings are, in my humble opinion, outrageously priced, THIS Lulemon Power Y-Tank offers great support, is long enough without being obnoxious, and is trendy as well. Click HERE to get yours for under $60!

For The Book-Loving Mama:

It should be noted that, as an English teacher and lover of books, there is something to be said for the feel and smell of actual paper pages. However, the convenience an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite gives is not to be ignored. For just under $120, you can load it up with countless novels, biographies and self-helps to provide hours of blissful peace as you slip into a story that doesn’t require you to change a diaper or fix someone’s meal. Click HERE to add one to your cart!

For The Sentimental Mama:

Whether the mama in your life has just lost a loved one or they are sad about a little one heading off to kindergarten, THIS Handwriting Jewelry is a thoughtful gift to provide a lasting memory. You can have someone’s handwriting etched forever in THIS bracelet or THIS necklace so your special lady can remember someone fondly with a piece of beautiful, handcrafted jewelry.

For Every Mama:

Non-Spill Drinking Glasses are a must-have for every mama, in my opinion. Whether you fill it with your favorite diet soda or a stronger spirit in the evening, this needs to be in your life, PRONTO! For the fancier mamas, click HERE for the glass style. For the tomboy mamas (like myself) click HERE for the tumbler version. This affordable gift will make her laugh while getting great use!


So children, step away from the construction paper. Husbands, put it in reverse from the convenience store. And wives, get ready to click the “print” button. Let’s work together to ensure that every mama be made to feel special this Valentine’s Day!


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  1. This article is so cute and funny! Really good points and love that image. My fav is the Mama on the go. I can always use a new and pretty water bottle.

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