10 Days to A Happy Target Father’s Day

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So, Father’s Day admittedly sneaks up on me every single year. I have great intentions, like most mamas, but life is crazy busy.

If you are like me, you may be running out of time to order online and have the perfect gift shipped before the actual celebration date of Father’s Day. So, here is the solution to your mom prob: go to Target! OR, you can even click and shop on line and have things shipped to your local store for free.

So here are the top 10 gifts that we actually use and love, available at any Target and ready to ship to you (or be shopped for) ASAP!

Bose Wireless Headphones– My husband LOVES these! He uses them while working, driving, and working out. Seriously, a solid purchase and practical(ly awesome) gift for any dad!

Spikeball– This is a hilariously fun game for the whole family that dad’s will LOVE! It is great for any activity level because it goes at your speed. It is also kind of awesome for relieving stress!

Active Smart Watch– This gift is one my husband uses every single day. He loves the versatility and the affordability over an iWatch.

Nintendo Switch– For the husband who is a kid at heart, this hand-held gaming console allows my husband to play without annoying me by monopolizing the TV. Everybody wins!

Portable Bluetooth Speaker– This puppy has gotten so much use! It is waterproof, kid-destroying resistant, and has a place to clip it and go. My husband uses this on the boat, in the truck, while working outside, and even on bike rides.

Polarized Sunglasses– Full disclosure, my husband is a complete accessory diva and sunglasses are not exempt. These are worn daily and the polarization parted with affordability is unmatched. Plus, mamas, there is something about aviators that makes a man instantly cuter, right!?

Superhero Pint Glasses– Whether dad enjoys a backyard IPA or just loves Marvel, THESE pint glasses are super cool for the entire family and dad will love them! Also available in Deadpool, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones.

Grill Set– Perhaps the nicest available for the price, THIS grill set is stainless steel with wooden handles, sure to make any dad look like a pro at the grill!

Bike Repair Kit– For the active dad, THIS On-The-Go bike repair kit has 23 pieces of fix-it fun!

Hair and Beard Clipper Kit– We have used these for probably 8 years for cutting my husband and son’s hair and for his beard maintenance. You can’t go wrong with THIS set!


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