6 Simple Solutions for Sensory Sensitive Kids in the Heat and Cold

Temp Sensitive Kids and 6 Simple Solutions

The summer can bring about endless challenges for kids with sensory needs. One major road block to enjoying fun in the sun can be for those parents of kiddos who are hypersensitive to heat and cold. Nothing can put a damper on a family’s beach vacation quicker than a child who physically cannot handle too much sun or a dip in a pool whose water is frigid. The old strategies to Coll off or warm up are no longer valid for these kids whose needs exceed the typical.

So, here are six simple solutions for you to try to help your temperature sensitive kiddo enjoy summer and help their parents relax and actually look forward to a beach vacation or time spent together outdoors.

For Sun Sensitivity

You can’t ever be too prepared so be sure and pack a combination of these items to ensure protection from the afternoon UV rays.

Quality Sunscreen– I cannot say enough about this one. Be sure you look at ingredients and use products that are all natural so they are less likely to irritate already sensitive skin. Be sure you apply liberally and reapply often to prevent serious sun damage and burns. Click HERE to save 33% now!

Instant Cooling Patches-These can be a life saver in situations where your extreme child is already tired, irritated by sand, and anxious over a pool day. These can provide the instant relief you are both in need of in the moment.

Cooling Vests-A wearable alternative to being shirtless or in a simple bathing suit top, this cooling vest can provide extended relief from the scorching summer sun. Click to save 30%!

UV Rash Guard– This is a simple solution to add a layer of SPF protection as well as an insulating layer in a cold pool or lake.

Umbrella Coverage-This old school method of UV protection is still a great way to avoid direct contact with more than your daily need for vitamin D. Click HERE to get one with supreme SPF protection built right in!

Sun Tent-We love and use these whenever we take a beach trip or even for a long Saturday at the soccer field. There is room to play and the sun protection is fantastic! Click HERE for the mother of all sun tents, large enough for 4 people, wind and waterproof, with built in UV protection and packs down in an easy to carry case.

For Heat Sensitivity

Many are able to tolerate direct sunlight for short periods of time, but they become overheated very quickly or have a aversion to becoming too hot. These tricks are ones we’ve used to cool down our overheated kiddo.

Breathable Clothing-Much can be said for the benefits of choosing a lightweight breathable material over cotton which can bind when wet.

Wearable Fan-These jazzy little numbers are big hits with the kids and serve a fantastic purpose for cooling your kiddos in extreme temps. Click HERE to save 55% off of a fan with a rechargeable USB port for on the go use!

Cooling Bandana-Great for any age, a cooling bandana isn’t limited to being worn on the head. Many moms use these too cool themselves on the summer ballfields and wear them around their necks. A simple re-dip in the ice of the cooler can have it ready in seconds for a second round.

Baby Pool-Whether on the beach or in the backyard, we have found this inexpensive plaything to be of great use when it comes to seeing our kiddos cool. The baby pool on the beach or at the lake provides an escape from sand and rocks and still enjoy the water. In the yard, it is great to just play and relax in enough water to keep you comfortable. Click HERE to save 66% off of an inflatable pool for easy pack and travel.

For Food Temp Sensitivity

This has always been a concern in our home and we’ve tried everything from serving unheated food to throwing it directly into the freezer after cooking. These simple items have provided fast relief when needed.

Stay Hydrated-THIS is the water bottle we use for our kiddos because they last a lifetime and can stand up to the abuse of a 2 and 6 year old. Keeping our kiddos hydrated is key to preventing heat stroke.

Cooling Pack For Food/Plate– The Chill Chest is great because it’s versatility goes far beyond the simple use of a quick chill for your child’s plate at the family BBQ. It is a great on the go solution.

For The Already OverHeated

No matter how prepared we are as parents, the summer scorching sun can be unpredictable. Here are a couple of simple steps and easy-to-get items to have on hand in case your little one overheats.

Gradual Cooling Bath

Wearable Fever Cooling Patches-These sheets are adhesive and instantly cold so, even on the go or in the car, these are a great way for instant relief.

Instant Cold Packs– These are excellent to have in your first aid kit as well as to provide immediate cooling relief to your temp sensitive kiddo. Click HERE for a set of six at 50% off!

For Resistance to Cold

While this concern is not one as widespread among the SPD [Sensory Prossessing Disorder] community, it does exist. So, here are a few ways to combat a child’s battle with becoming overly cold.

Hand and Feet Warmers-We have used these in our family forever because they are an excellent source of instant warmth for everything from hunting trips to skiing or cold football games. For the cold sensitive kiddo, they can be just what they need. Click HERE to save 35% now!

Heated Outer Layers– This is overkill in most situations barring snow storms and icy conditions, but if your kiddo stays cold and uncomfortable, it could provide the warmth that makes all the difference to them.

Choose Synthetic Over Cotton Clothing- It is a widely known saying in the outdoor world that “cotton kills”. Should you be in a situation where warmth was a necessity but your cotton clothing was wet, it could be life or death. Be sure to choose synthetic under layers that wick moisture, or pulls it away from the skin. We recommend THESE if you do not have access to Patagonia Capeliene or REI to buy higher quality gear.

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