Slow Down

Slow Down
I have trouble slowing down.

Finding time to rest is non-existent and if I were to have a spare few minutes, my natural reaction is to hurry up and fill it with errands, or chores, or any matter of productivity so I can check items off of my never-ending to-do list.

Today I was stopped in my tracks.

Last week our youngest spiked a fever. Over 103 showing no signs of breaking.

I had just accepted a part-time job working outside the home and she had to be out of preschool for three days. That week her class was down to three kids and no teacher–all had fallen victim to the viral fever.

Guess what? Our little bird’s high temp is back.

I had phone calls, meetings, and mounting tasks assigned. I had chores and errands for home, bills and balances, due dates and deadlines.

But this morning, I found myself running our oldest to school while still in my slippers and then coming back to snuggle my little bird while holding hands, watching movies the boys don’t like, and keeping her pumped full of water and electrolytes.

Friends, sometimes we are forced to slow down or to stop, especially when we wouldn’t choose to do that for ourselves.

I was laying on the couch, holding my baby girl, and stroking her soft blonde hair and those baby hand dimples I obsess over that I know she’ll lose soon. I was trying to answer client calls, text messages, and email responses with my phone in one hand and I almost missed this moment happening in my other.

Then, it happened.

My girl looked up at me, cheeks rosy with fever, and said smiling, “Mama, you is my best fwennn.”

I stopped. I put down my phone after snapping this shot that I hope I’ll always remember. I smiled back and said, “You are my best friend, too, baby girl. Always.”

Friends, I know how hard it can be to slow down, to press pause, or to stop and breathe. I rarely remember to do this intentionally before life forces me to a halt. But it is so important.

In these pauses, we can take time to breathe, to rest, to love, and to make memories.

Don’t miss it for the chaos and busyness of life. ❤️

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